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Why Rihanna Will Be Responsible For The Return Of 2000s Fashion

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We hate to break it to you, but 2000s fashion is about to come back full force. Before you start groaning at the return of low rise jeans paired with pointy heels, Rihanna is making a pretttyyy strong case for busting out some early '00s staples. And, like, not to be weird, but RiRi has a way of defining trends so... it's inevitable. (Sorry.) Here's what to prepare for:

  • Juicy Couture Sweatsuits
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    Terry cloth and velour were THE leading materials of 2000s thanks to Paris Hilton and her sidekick Tinkerbell (RIP, bb), but Rihanna brought 'em back in more effortless way: by pairing her all-pink look with badass boots and futuristic sunglasses back in March. (This time around, though, we'll be quoting Mean Girls the entire time we sport our ~lewks~.)

  • JNCOs

    Last fall, we seriously questioned the RIHturn of super wide-legged jeans on our BadGal, but as it turns out, JNCOs are coming back for real–as in, the brand is actually getting revived. *digs wallet chain out of closet*

  • Denim On Denim
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    If you need any proof that denim-on-denim was a thing, just remember Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's infamous head-to-toe jean look from 2001. Rihanna managed to make this trend way (way!) less cringeworthy while performing on SNL by sticking with a darker wash and avoiding the matchy-matchy accessories.

  • Tiny Monogram Bags
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    IDK why, but in the mid-2000s we loved wearing handbags that looked too small for our bodies. Then, we'd smother them in a monogram logo print (hi, Louis Vuitton) and wear it with everythaannggg. Rihanna revived this look a couple months ago, but TBH, it didn't make us wanna die. Also, the box clutch is kinda cute, no? Hold on, is Rih brainwashing us? HALP.

  • Cargo Pants
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    Oh, cargos. Before they became the frat dude staple, they were actually cool. Seriously. Everyone from Christina Aguilera to Jennifer Love Hewitt wore low-rise versions of these bad boys paired with a crop top and wispy layered hair. Rih wore a higher, leather version of this throwback look while at a Rogue by Rihanna launch and hey, it's not SO bad.

  • Head Wraps
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    Remember when Justin Timberlake wore a handkerchief on his head for, like, a year straight in the early 2000s? Well, Rih has jumped on the bandwagon by wearing a new scarf on her head literally every day. I mean, she wore three different head wraps during her SNL visit alone. That's dedication, dudes.