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Exclusive: 'The Gallows' Trailer Will Scare You Off School Plays Forever

Come hang out and watch with us.

We've heard of dying on stage, but this is ridiculous! ...Is a thing we imagine nobody says in the new, terrifying looking horror movie "The Gallows." In the film, a group of high school students restage a deadly play from years prior, only to find the student who died there may not be as dead as they expected.

And as the noose tightens, they start to get picked off one by one...

The movie opens on July 10 from Blumhouse Productions, and stars a series of newcomers using their own names -- something that calls back to classic horror movies like "The Blair Witch Project," while looking waaaaay more scream-inducing in its own right.

Either way, we are NOT checking out that production of "Oklahoma" at the local high school, just in case.