Raymond Hall/GC Images

Watch Demi Lovato Gun It After Stealing A Singapore Car

Demi puts the pedal to the metal.

Everyone in Singapore, watch out for Demi Lovato. Our girl is apparently running wild in the country, robbing banks and stealing cars. OK, so she's not robbing banks, but the thing about the cars? That may very well be true.

The singer posted a goofy Instagram video on Wednesday (May 20) of her crawling up into a driver's seat, asking "wait, which one is the gas?" and taking off.

My guess is that her driver stopped at a grocery store to buy some Cheetos and they decided to pull a practical joke on her and leave.

My favorite part of the video is Demi's smile when she asks "You're recording?" and then the gleeful chortle that follows.

Be careful out there! Demi's on the loose.