Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Justin Timberlake Looks Even Hotter Made Out Of Rubik's Cubes

Is your mind blown?

You've seen Justin Timberlake as a piece of tofu, you've seen him as a lime, you've seen him as a young boy scout -- but you've never seen him as a pile of Rubik's Cubes (I mean, you might've. I don't know you.) Well, today's your lucky day.

Here's Justin Timberlake made out of Rubik's Cubes, made by a clever Polish group called RubiArt.

They take one cube at a time, adjusting it so the right colors are showing.

The plan it out carefully before, breaking down JT's coloring into pixels.

And then square by square, they put it together.


Each piece is important.

And then when they're done, they kick it.

Check out RubiART's other work on their Facebook page. They've also constructed Doge, Zayn Malik and Shakira!