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Your 'Flash' Season Finale Questions -- Answered

Don't worry, we'll answer them quickly.

The first season of "The Flash" ended last night (May 19) the way it started nearly a year ago: with action, huge twists, and more than anything, tremendous amounts of hearts on sleeves.

It was an emotional hour that wrapped up the season's mystery -- who killed Barry Allen's (Grant Gustin) mom, and why -- in style, while still leaving some huge revelations for season two... Not to mention that insane cliffhanger.

So let's get into it! Here's every burning question we have for "The Flash," including some that may be answered next fall.

  1. Can Barry survive the singularity?
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    We ended, as mentioned, on a massive (literally) cliffhanger. A giant black hole has opened over Central City, sucking up everything in its path... And the only way of stopping it is if Barry can reverse the air-flow, just like he did back in episode one. So can he do it?

    Well, yeah. Just like we're pretty sure Oliver didn't actually roll off into the sunset forever on the season finale of "Arrow" (it's not called "Diggle And Friends," guys), Barry will save Central City from a deadly black hole... But that doesn't mean things will be unchanged.

    Many fans -- myself included -- expected some sort of time reset when Barry traveled back to save his Mom. Since he didn't change anything in the past that seems moot. But through Eddie's (Rick Cosnett) sacrifice -- more on that in a sec -- and the basic fact that there's a frickin' time-hole over the city, there's a good chance when we pick up in season two things won't quite be the same.

  2. Is Eddie really dead?
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    Yes. Sort of. According to an interview with EP Andrew Kreibserg, Cosnett won't be returning for season two. That said, with time travel, anything is possible. So Eddie is gone, but there's a 100% probability we'll see Cosnett again in some form.

  3. So what does that mean for Wells?
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    Eddie shot himself to wipe his ancestor Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh) from the timeline... Which seemed to work, as he disappeared Voldemort style. Except Cavanagh is back as a regular for season two, so what the what?

    Two possible theories on this one. First, Eddie erased Eobard, which potentially means Eobard never traveled back in time and killed the real Harrison Wells in order to replace him. So for the first time, Cavanagh could be playing Wells, for real.

    There's a host of problems with that one, because if Wells never died, he would have created the particle accelerator that gave Barry his powers five years later, meaning season one never happened.

    The other possibility? The Speed Force, the semi-mystical source of speedsters' energy, has a tendency to not let go of its superheroes -- and villains -- so easily. So Eobard might be gone, or he may be in the Speed Force, waiting for the right time to strike.

    Hey, as long as we get to hear Cavanagh say, "Run, Barry. Run," one more time, we're good.

  4. Now that Eddie's dead, Iris is marrying Barry, right?
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    Not yet, folks. Beyond their heartbreaking conversation about how Eobard's meddling wrecked their chances for a happy ending, Iris (Candice Patton) will be dealing with seeing her almost fiancée shoot himself in front of her. We don't know what's up with Iris in season two, but it's not shacking up with Barry. At least not yet.

  5. Caitlin and Ronnie, happily married forever?
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    This is where the intersection of casting news and plots meet and end up in a tangled mess. As far as we know, Robbie Amell isn't a regular on "Flash" next season, and so far -- despite some glimpses in the trailer -- he's not hanging out with his life partner Martin Stein (Victor Garber) on "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," either.

    So where's Ronnie Raymond? Is he erased in the singularity? Is he permanently stuck in Victor Garber's contract negotiations? We'd bet money Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Ronnie aren't living happily ever after when season two opens, but we'll have to stay tuned.

  6. Caitlin Snow ice freeze winter snow freeze winter?
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    Panabaker promised we'd see a glimpse of her villainous alter-ego Killer Frost by season's end, and she wasn't lying. In a blink-and-you-miss-it moment when Barry was running through the Speed Force, we saw Caitlin in all her black lip-sticked glory.

    The biggest question though is when and how Caitlin goes to the frosty dark side... Could Ronnie's potential disappearance cause it? And is she bad for good? I'd venture that we will see Killer Frost in season two, because this show hasn't put on the brakes yet. I'd also venture that because Caitlin is too good of a presence, and too important to the dynamic of the show, that she won't be KF permanently. But we shall see...

  7. What's up with Cisco?
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    One of the biggest teases for season two happened during Cisco's (Carlos Valdes) scene with Thawne in the particle accelerator, and you might have missed it. Comic fans know that Cicsco becomes the hero known as Vibe, who's had a few different iterations in the comics. The most recent one, though, co-created by "Flash" EP Geoff Johns, and Andrew Kreisberg, saw Cisco able to see -- and harness -- the vibrational frequencies between universes... And that's exactly what we're seeing here.

    Will Cisco go full-fledged Vibe in season two? Probably (see above for "not hitting the brakes"), but at the very least the biggest tease is that where season one introed time travel, season two will deal with parallel universes... And Cisco will be a key to traveling between them. There's another tease to that plot line, too...

  8. What's up with that helmet?
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    As Eobard pilots the time sphere, a helmet with wings pops out of the wormhole. Clearly he knows what's up with the helmet, as he makes a speedy exit based on it... So what's the deal, yo?

    The deal, yo, is that's Jay Garrick's helmet. Jay is the "original" Flash in the comics from when the book first launched... And eventually he was retconned to living on Earth-2, a parallel universe where golden age heroes exist. And the first time the DC Comics crossed over with a parallel universe is when the Flashes of two worlds met each other for the first time.

    So are we going to see Jay teaming up with Barry? All signs point to yes.

  9. Who is Rip Hunter?
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    Arthur Darvill is Rip Hunter. Eobard name-checks him as the creator of the time sphere while escaping (or trying to escape) our time... He's a time traveler tasked with protecting incursions in the time stream, and will show up on "Legends of Tomorrow" to help take down the villain Vandal Savage (which we also saw bits of as Barry ran through the Speed Force). But he wasn't the only "Legend" who showed up...

  10. Who's that girl?
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    Glimpsed during the montage of Central Citians at the end of the episode was Ciara Renee, who will show up on "Legends" as the hero Hawkgirl. According to Kreisberg, she was a last minute addition to the cast -- mainly added because he heard a rumor she wouldn't be showing up. Will she also play into season two?

  11. How cool was that punch?
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    So cool.