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This Is What It's Like To Record A Verse For A Song With Eminem And Tech N9ne

Krizz Kaliko breaks it down.

Eminem and Tech N9ne are two of the most technically gifted rappers around, so, as a fellow artist, keeping up with them on a song -- especially one built around how fast you can rap -- can't be an easy task. But Krizz Kaliko was up for the call on "Speedom (WWC2)."

Maybe the reason the rapper didn't psyche himself out, though, is because not only had he not heard either MC's verse when he recorded his, but he didn't even know Slim Shady would be on the track.

"Tech gave me the beat and then he said, 'I want it to sound like this for the hook,' and I wrote the hook and I recorded my verse months before he did his, months before Em ever did his," Krizz told HipHopDX. "I was trying to set the stage for it, but I tried to. I was like, 'Tech's going to be on it.' and then when I found out Em was going to be on it, I'm like, 'I gotta murder these n---as,' even though Tech is my mentor."

Krizz said he actually recorded his verse three months before Em laid his -- and had to do part of it over because of a little technical mishap.

"We did a Canadian tour and I actually lost the verse because I write everything in my phone and I got in the hot tub with my phone, fried it, I didn't have it backed up on iCloud or nothing and next thing I know I get back home and I remembered it," he said. "I remembered everything except four bars. So I rewrote four bars."

As for how Tech and Em approached their verses? They gave us a window into that process shortly after the song dropped last month.

“I’ll sit there and just wait,” Tech said on “Sway in the Morning.” “In my living room, I’ll just wait for the word, and it always comes. So I sit next to my Google — I love my Google, because I gotta make sure I’m using the word in the right context, because words will just pop up in my head, I’m like, damn, what’s happening, who’s putting these words in my head?”

The Detroit native's process isn't too far off from that, it turns out.

“It’s probably very similar,” Em told Sway. “Like, I’ll get my starting line and I’ll try and figure out -- just mumble words to myself until I find the right ones I wanna use. Or, sometimes, a word will pop in my head, I’ll be like, what the f--k? Lemme write that sh-t down. I put it at the bottom of my pad, and then I’ll start coming up with words and then OK, this goes here. It’s like a puzzle.”

Now, with Krizz's breakdown, the puzzle of how the song;s creation is complete.