Nicki Minaj Brings Her Pink Hair Back For Rave-Ready ‘Hey Mama’ Video With David Guetta

When Coachella meets 'Mad Max.'

Just days after tearing up the stage together at the Billboard Music Awards, David Guetta and Nicki Minaj have released the rave-ready music video for their single “Hey Mama.”

The clip’s aesthetic is basically “futuristic Coachella,” giving off some serious “Mad Max” vibes with its apocalyptic dance party set in the desert. Guetta and his posse of gypsy mates stumble upon some kind of hologram machine, giving life to a Nicki projection in the sky that sports a fishnet bodysuit and — gasp! — a cotton candy pink wig. Oh, how we missed the Pink Friday-era hue of yesteryear!

The real spotlight stealers here, though, are the troop of terrifyingly flexible dancers. If living in the future means we can all contort our bodies like that, we are SO on board.

Just yesterday, Nicki stunned in the clip for Beyonce’s “Feelin’ Myself” video, so she’s clearly having quite the epic week in music videos. Keep ‘em coming, girl!