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Beyoncé Loves To 'Cha Cha’ — Listen To The Song That Makes Her ‘Happy’

Meet D.R.A.M.

While the world is busy going bonkers over Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj’s “Feeling Myself,” Queen Bey is enjoying another song, too.

On Tuesday (May 19), Yoncé dropped jaws yet again when she posted this number on Instagram. Be careful, though, it might just blow your mind.

The catchy tune you hear playing in the background there is “Cha Cha” by D.R.A.M. (which stands for Does Real Ass Music).

It’s not a new track, though. The hypnotically catchy tune was actually posted on SoundCloud 8 months ago.

Then, in March, D.R.A.M. dropped a fun Nathan Smith-directed music video for the single on YouTube. It features fun times everywhere, from a dinner table to a nightclub. Moral of the story? Everyone loves to cha-cha.

Want to hear more? D.R.A.M. has you covered with #1EpicEP, a project that kicks off with “Cha Cha.” Now, enjoy this EP and dance like Queen Bey.