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Cannes Proved Natalie Portman Always Belongs In Green

We highlighted a few of Nat's greenest sartorial choices.

Natalie Portman is one of those people who gives actual legitimacy to that whole "she could show up in a potato sack and still be a stunner" saying.

Because, c'mon. So. Much. Pretty.

But amid all her red carpet ownage at this year's Cannes Film Festival -- which she hit to support her pic "Sicario" on Tuesday (May 19) -- we realized that not only is she a straight showstopper in green, but we seriously haven't gotten enough of this.

Which is quite a crime because, as this pictorial history proves:

Natalie Portman + green = pretty much the best thing ever. EVER.

  1. Case in point: Here she was in all her emerald glory for the fest.
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    (Not pictured: All the people around her suffering from a sudden case of whiplash from all the double-taking they had to do as a result of this.)

  2. Which reminded of us of that time 10 years ago when she blew us away in that Greecian masterpiece at the Oscars.
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    Before "Black Swan" got her to the podium, Portman was nominated for "Closer." And even though Hilary Swank took it home that year, she was the only one in the whole place that gave Swank a run for her dress money.

    How about this million dollar baby, yeah?

  3. And there was also that 2004 Met Gala gem.
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    Could anything else possibly compliment her stunning olive skin tone so well as this? We think not.

  4. And let's not forget how very regal she looked as Princess Padma Amidala.

    She rocked a lot of sweet looks for the "Star Wars" prequels, but this velvet-grass-themed cloak was definitely one of her most natural and flattering garbs of the series.

    Excuse us while we melt away over here.

  5. And then she went and did it again.
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    Natty's throw-way-back green getup here was an essential element to her turn as Anne Boleyn, and we get it. We totally do.

  6. And it's not just the medium to dark greens that suit her, either.
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    Mint, jade, spring -- we're told by the internet that there are 73 shades of green (take that, grey!), and we can almost guarantee that Portman is perfection in every single one of them. And we're really ready to confirm that already, k?

    Conclusion: When it comes to Natty P, green is GOOD.