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Woah... Azealia Banks Has Some Fighting Words For Nicki Minaj

The outspoken rapper is NOT happy about Nicki's "bogus" BET Awards dominance.

Azealia Banks has long proven herself an outspoken artist who tends to go for the jugular when voicing her criticism about her peers (cough, Iggy Azalea, cough). So in true Banks fashion, she’s now targeting Nicki Minaj and the BET Awards, claiming the show is “bogus.”

In a frustration-fueled Twitter rant on Monday (May 18), Banks had some fighting words for her fellow nominee in the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist category, which Nicki has won for the past five years. Apparently, that winning streak doesn’t sit well with Banks, who claimed it’s a “running joke” by now.

In a somewhat shocking and unnecessary move, Banks also fired shots at Nicki’s army of fans -- endearingly nicknamed Barbiez, or Barbz -- by imagining running them down with a car. WTF?!

The Broke With Expensive Taste rapper capped off her rant by blasting “black media” and (unconvincingly) trying to insist her jabs weren’t meant to be taking as shots against Nicki.

The BET Awards air June 28, so we’ll have to wait until then to see how this bitter rivalry plays out. In the meantime, don’t expect Nicki to comment on Banks’ rant anytime soon — we’re guessing she’s too busy reveling in the sheer amazingness of her and Beyonce’s “Feeling Myself” video, like all the rest of us.