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Let's All Thank David Letterman For These 19 Epic Rap Moments

Thanks for the great times.

On Wednesday (May 20), David Letterman is set to close the curtains on a storied career in late night television.

The host, who began the gig in 1993, will be leaving his seat on "Late Show” empty for Stephen Colbert. But before Letterman leaves, we decided to reflect on the legendary late night staple to thank him for the many rap-related moments he helped deliver.

From the funny moments -- like Eminem advising children or Diddy tutoring sexters -- to the more serious -- like J. Cole and Run The Jewels delivering moving performances about police brutality -- these are some epic rap moments we're all grateful for.

  1. Eminem Advises Children

    His number one piece of advice? “Don’t waste your time watching this show.”

  2. Jay Z Deftly Dodges Beyonce Questions

    Meet Dave-Z and watch Jay call him out on being “sneaky.”

  3. Hilarious Kanye West And Jay Z Story Told By Aziz Ansari

    “You’re crazy for this one, Jay! Hov!”

  4. J. Cole’s ‘Be Free’ Moment

    Cole left Letterman nearly speechless with a "beautiful" emotional performance.

  5. Will Smith Gets 'Jiggy'

    "Gotta get jiggy with it. That's it."

  6. Action Bronson And Chance The Rapper Perform 'Baby Blue'

    These two obviously had fun with this one.

  7. Tyler, The Creator And Letterman Take A Selfie

    Tyler and Letterman are basically besties.

  8. Diddy Singing The Meow Song

    Diddy’s one of the coolest cats in music, but this through us for a loop.

  9. Run DMC Bring Christmas Spirit From Hollis

    Just great seeing Paul Shaffer and the CBS band with hip-hop icons.

  10. Run The Jewels Highlight Police Brutality

    Killer Mike and El-P drop a powerful performance of “Early.”

  11. Busta Rhymes Takes Over Letterman Stage

    Flip Mode Squad in the house. Busta, Rah Digga and Spliff Star connected.

  12. Snoop Dogg Being Cool On Letterman

    Just Snoop being Snoop with some help from Letterman.

  13. Diddy Explains The ‘Art’ Of ‘Sexting’

    Puff had some advice for sexters.

  14. Beastie Boys Get Creative

    This wasn’t just a performance of "Ch-Check It Out." This was a music video of a showcase. Incredible.

  15. Atmosphere Promote Barack Obama On Letterman

    Letterman wasn’t scared to book underground rap mainstays. Atmosphere (who brought P.O.S. along) are just one example.

  16. Joaquin Phoenix Apologizes For Faking Rap Career

    Phoenix had to apologize after lying about his rap life.

  17. A$AP Rocky Sits on His Throne

    And he gets "Wild for the Night."

  18. Drake Has A 'Good Time' With Letterman

    And nearly knocks Dave over accidentally.

  19. Jay Z and Mary J. Blige Prove You 'Can't Knock The Hustle'

    They had the "U.S. Open" on that stage.

Farewell, Dave.