These Nicki And Beyonce 'Feeling Myself' YouTube Reactions Have Zero Chill

Nicki and Beyoncé really drove us all this bonkers.

Did you lose your chill while watching Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé flawlessly slay in their "Feeling Myself" video?

You weren't alone.

In fact, you're just like these fans who decided to film their first watch of the Tidal exclusive.

And, as you can guess, their reaction videos had zero percent chill.

Cameron Daily

Can you get mad at this type of joy?

The video features Queen Nicki and Queen Bey in some of their hottest scenes yet. So, we gathered some of the best fan reactions to the vid for you. Check the over-the-top, but understandable, craziness here:

The video has only been out for a day, so we're pretty sure the amazing reactions will keep on coming.