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Kim Kardashian: Bruce Jenner As A Woman Is 'Beautiful'

Count how many times she says 'Beautiful.' Hint: It's a lot.

The Kardashian Klan has really been coming out in full force to support Bruce Jenner's ongoing transformation. Whether it's involved bringing over a few new threads as a token of solidarity or tweeting about Bruce's "hero" status, the whole fam's definitely been waving their Team Bruce flags loudly and proudly throughout the whole process. Which has us jumping up and down with all the happy claps.

In her latest showing of support, Kim K has now touted Bruce's look as "her" (Bruce's identity as a woman does involve a new name, but that moniker has not been revealed yet) as absolutely "beautiful."

Speaking to Access Hollywood on Monday (May 18), Kim Kardashian revealed that she has indeed had the chance to see Bruce in full femme-wear, and she liked what she saw.

"I just recently met her, and it was amazing and she looked beautiful, really beautiful," she gushed about her long-time step-father, who recently revealed himself to be transgender in an emotional ABC special with Diane Sawyer.

(Note: MTV News and other outlets continue to identify Jenner with male pronouns as the E! star has requested until further notice.)

"She looked beautiful. She was dressed up, beautiful make-up, beautiful hair, very, very beautiful and very comfortable."

Perhaps one day soon, Bruce will share a glimpse of "her" with the rest of the world, too.