Farrah Reveals The REAL Reason She Didn't Want To Do Business With Her Mom

The MTV castie won't be backing Debra's pepper sauce venture.

Farrah and her mom Debra tried to mix business and family on this week's "Teen Mom OG" episode, but the mother-daughter duo quickly learned that a professional venture didn't suit their relationship.

"Trying to figure out how to balance working professionally with loved ones or family has been very tough for my mother and I," Farrah -- who failed to come up with a legal agreement with her mother regarding D's pepper sauce startup -- divulges in the "Teen Mom OG: Featured Moment" below. "Other families can work through different personal issues and then can be very successful in business."

While the tension was apparent throughout their interactions when discussing a deal that would benefit both of them, what was the ultimate reason D and F nixed their collaboration? And what does the Texas transplant think it would take in order for them to proceed and pursue a similar opportunity? Watch the clip to hear Farrah tell her side of the story, and tell us what you think about her decision in the comments. Then be sure to catch the season finale of "TMOG" on Monday at 10/9c!