The New 'Pan' Trailer Finally Introduces The Tick Tock Crock

He can fly!

It might seem that Captain Hook always has it out for Peter Pan and his pack of Lost Boys, but we know who his real enemy is.

(Hint: It's scaly and giant and can pull off one terrifying boat-side sneak attack maneuver.)

Yep, that would be the slinky old crocodile, which in Disney's "Peter Pan" had long since made mince meat of his sword hand and left him mustache-cringing at any noise even remotely resembling the tick tock-ing of a watch clock.

But in "Pan," Warner Bro.'s new live-action take on the classic J.M. Barrie adventure tale, Captain Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman) is clearly sporting two hands and zero hardware. Observe:


Which left us wondering whether (a) we were going to actually see Hook get handled by his real reptilian arch nemesis in this installment or (b) if that bit might not make the cut, so to speak, for this version.

Well, a new trailer for the pic dropped today and gave us all a big flying clue as to the answer.

Yep, that was the croc you saw there, and yes he did just do a badass highjump all "Life of Pi" whale style right over the teensy dingy.


Dayyyyum that thing is fierce. No wonder Hook's always shivering his timbers over it. Never NEVER Land indeed.

But on a cheerier note, the new trailer also presented rad floating fish bubbles and an icicle galaxy, to help boost the real estate value near Tiger Lily's pad because flying literal cold-blooded murderer beasts like the Croc don't exactly spell W-E-L-C-O-M-E for potential newcomers.


"Pan" hits theaters on October 9, 2015.