Trash Is For Tossers

Here’s How Not To Be A Garbage Person (Literally) At A Music Festival This Summer

A Zero-Waste lifestyle pro gives us her tips for staying green on the festival scene.

Who doesn't love a good music festival? You get to listen to your favorite bands, discover new artists and post copious #festival looks to the 'Gram. The one drawback? The mound of waste that gets left behind in the wake of raging: plastic cups, wristbands, mysterious piles of ...whatever. You know the scene but, thankfully, we've got some ways you can keep it clean!

At this year's TEDxTeen event in NYC, MTV News caught up with Lauren Singer, founder of Trash Is for Tossers, a blog about living a Zero Waste lifestyle as a 20something in New York City. If she can live in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, while also producing almost no trash, we can probably refrain from turning these music fests into giant trash heaps. Luckily, Lauren gave us some tips on how to do just that.

  • Here's What A Zero Waste Lifestyle Looks Like

    Girl knows what she's doing because this is how much trash she's accumulated in two years. Luckily for all of us festival-lovers (Lauren included), she gave us some groovy tips for keeping the earth green while you're jamming (and Instagramming).

  • Snack Smartly And Sustainably

    "I went to Coachella this year and I eliminated a lot of waste by doing things like eating breakfast before I went to the festival or bringing my own snacks," said Lauren, "so I brought little organic cotton reusable bags of nuts and seeds that I would use."

  • Think About The Way You Drink

    "I would ask people to refill my jar, or reuse a cup instead of getting a new cup every single time, so that helped me to reduce the trash that I was producing," Lauren said.

  • Smart Way To Sip

    As Lauren points out, bringing along a stainless steel straw is a great way to stay green. A+ if you use it to drink from a coconut, which is both sustainable and super groovy.

  • Bringing A Bottle Will Save You Bank

    "Music festivals have water-bottle refill stations, so while you might not be able to bring a glass jar like I was, you could bring a stainless steel reusable water bottle that you can refill -- and you save money that way," she said.

  • Words Of Wisdom From Lauren

For more info on reducing your waste at festivals (and beyond), check out Lauren's blog, Trash Is for Tossers. And catch her in our "Words of Wisdom: TEDxTeen 2015" video!