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2 Chainz Is Absolutely Not Impressed During This Tarot Card Reading

$150 for HOW LONG?

What does it take to impress 2 Chainz? Definitely not a tarot card reading -- I can tell you that much.

The Atlanta rapper has been trying all sorts of "Expensive Sh--t" for GQ's web series, including a $100,000 bottle of water that he wasn't 100 percent on board with, but when it came to a psychic session, he really wasn't feeling it.

For this episode, 2 Chainz brought along his friend, Jhené Aiko, who wasn't too thrilled about it, either -- but at least she attempted to play along.

When the psychic (or is it medium?) started telling Chainz that he could expect to find more music video ideas while sleeping, he interrupted her to ask some very important questions about her pricing. Because 30 minutes for $150 is, certainly, on the high-end.

"When does the 30 minutes start?" he wanted to know. "Does it start once the cards get flipped? Or once you walk in? 'Cause there was some foreplay before we started..."

Foreplay should definitely be free.