'True Life' Update: Has Brittany's Opinion Of Her Pot-Smoking Pop Changed?

Plus, find out what happened with Heather from 'My Parents Love Their Weed.'

MTV's "True Life: My Parents Love Their Weed" followed two women who each have a pro-pot parent. We had an opportunity to check in with Brittany and Heather to see how their lives have changed since filming wrapped. Take a look at our follow-up Q&As below:


Has your dad returned to your church?

No, my dad has not returned to my church.

Has stepping into your dad's world changed your opinion of marijuana? Has it changed your opinion of your dad? If so, how?

Stepping into my dad's world changed my opinion of him in a positive manner. I now see that he is doing some positive things and helping to better the lives of others.

Have you attended any more of your father's marijuana-related events? Will you?

No, I have not attended any more of my dad's events, and I'm not sure if I would go to any in the future.

What was it like sharing your story with us?

'True Life' has been an amazing experience that I shared with my daughter, and we will be able to cherish this forever.


Are you still living with your mom? How's that going? 

I am still living with my mother, but I have a place lined up to move into soon. With me having a full-time job, she helps out a lot with watching my son, so it's very convenient. It's actually going pretty well. We've grown closer in just a short period of time. 

Has Mom broken any of the rules?

Ha! She hasn't broken any of the rules, actually. But since it's her house now, she is the one who makes the rules! But she still respects what I ask while I stay here with her. 

Does your mom still smoke marijuana with your friends? Or has she dialed back on that front?

My mom actually does not smoke weed with my friends anymore. Since the show, I think she came to realize that it made me very uncomfortable. She keeps it to herself now. 

What was it like sharing your story with us? 

It was a fun experience for both of us! I feel like a lot of parents smoke weed nowadays. If it's for the right reasons of why they do smoke, then people should respect it.