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Zac Efron Drops Beats, His Shirt In The First Trailer For Max Joseph's 'We Are Your Friends'

With friends like these, who needs shirts?

Just for future reference, any party that Zac Efron is DJing, we would like an invitation to. Just putting that out there and making sure it's clear.

In the first trailer for "We Are Your Friends," directed by "Catfish" star Max Joseph, this is exactly the case. Efron plays Cole Carter, a DJ who hopes you'll remember his name and help him make it to the bigtime. Follow Cole and his crew of party promoters as they try to rise to the top in a world of 24-year-old millionaires and seven-figure app deals. Will they make it big, or will they end up behind desks, wearing suits and ties?

Oh, and two-year MTV Movie Awards Best Shirtless Performance defending champion Efron also drops the top in this trailer, so the dream of a three-peat is certainly alive and well.

Check out the trailer below.

"We Are Your Friends" also stars Emily Ratajkowski and Jonny Weston, and hits theaters August 28.