'The Scorch Trials' Trailer: All The Biggest Moments You Might Have Missed

Was that a deadly lightning storm?

Minor spoilers for "The Scorch Trials" book lie ahead!

This Tuesday (May 19), the Glader-loving world finally got the "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" trailer it oh-so-desperately needed. In it, we saw Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) learn the hard way that life wasn't going to be sunshine and roses after the Gladers escaped the Maze at the end of the first movie last September. Instead, his beaten and world-weary group of dudes (plus Teresa) would have to deal with a new trial called the Scorch... though what exactly the Scorch is, neither Thomas nor the audience knows.

However, after approximately 93843489734 viewings of the trailer, we at MTV News -- who read James Dashner's "Scorch Trials" book -- noticed a bunch of similarities (and a few differences) between the trailer and its source material. Here's what's going down in "Scorch Trials," based on the badass new trailer:

  1. The Scorch is a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

    In Dashner's book, the Scorch refers to a significant portion of the United States that has been burned out by solar flares. If this shot tells us anything, it's that the movie is going the same route.

  2. Littlefinger from "Game of Thrones" is in charge.

    Called "Rat Man" in the books, the new face of WCKD is obviously a force to be reckoned with. And much like Aidan Gillen's character on "GoT," what he says and what he does are often two different things entirely.

  3. People are being herded like cattle.

    In addition to the solar flares scorching the earth, a virus called the Flare turns the human survivors into disease-ridden folks called Cranks. We don't get a full look at them in the trailer -- though MTV News saw them in costume during our trip to the set last November -- but this shot of groups of people being hoarded by military-types suggests that freedom and human rights have fallen by the wayside in the "Maze Runner" universe.

  4. There are more Gladers.

    Okay, so they probably didn't adopt the same slang and therefore don't refer to themselves as Gladers, but still -- the team from "The Maze Runner" won't be alone this time around, as we see when the camera pans to a lunch room full of Greenies. Most notably, Jacob Lofland's Aris, who book readers should know quite well.

  5. WCKD thinks Thomas is special.

    "Beyond this door lies the beginning of your new lives," Rat Man tells Thomas' band of Gladers. However, the fact that he's already pulling Thomas aside for separate, top-secret mission pretty much proves that all of them are not on an even playing field.

  6. ... But WCKD are a bunch of liars doing science experiments.

    Humans hooked up to tubes? Xenomorph-esque creatures who almost certainly exist solely to murder you? Yeah, sorry, but WCKD are not, as they frequently love to tell us, good.

  7. This is. The part where they break free.

    But that didn't happen in the books -- instead, the Gladers basically complied with WCKD's Scorch Trial demands, as they were told that they'd die of the Flare if they didn't make it through their long, hot walk through the desert. This suggests the biggest shift between book and movie that we've seen so far, and hints towards a different "end game" than the one we saw on the page.

  8. A deadly desert awaits.

    The book version of the Scorch is so deadly hot that the Gladers have to cover themselves in head-to-toe rags and they still get serious burns. The movie version doesn't look quite as bad, but you still shouldn't be surprised if at least one of them drops from the heat and dehydration.

  9. As does crazy lightning storms.

    By far, some of the scariest moments in the book came via vicious lightning storms that killed and dismembered multiple Gladers. Fortunately for lovers of special effects -- but unfortunately for lovers of certain characters -- it looks like the lightning storms are sticking around for the big screen.

  10. The fight goes underground.

    A significant portion of the "Scorch Trials" book takes place underground, which is where they encounter (and even befriend) some Cranks. We know for a fact that the film utilized an abandoned mall to shoot many of these underground scenes, as you can see by the escalators. However, unlike in the books, it looks like WCKD soldiers are hot on their trail the entire time...

    ... And by the way, where are Jorge and Brenda?! Guess we'll have to wait for trailer number two to meet our favorite Cranks...