Hugh Jackman And Nick Offerman Apparently Share A Brain: Watch

Team JackOfferman is a formidable opponent.

Thanks to this video from "The Tonight Show," we now know that if Hugh Jackman and Nick Offerman ever invite you over for snacks and parlor games, you should politely decline.

That is, unless you like losing.

Jackman (on the show to promote his appearance in the upcoming "Pan") and Offerman (making the rounds on his book tour) teamed up against Jimmy Fallon and Susan Sarandon for a game of Password, and demonstrated an instant, uncanny ability to read each other's minds.

Although their opponents managed to pull it together for a draw in the final moments of the game, there's clearly something supernatural going on here. Was Nick's famous mustache actually an amplifier for his secret ability to hear other people's thoughts? Did he shave it off because the noise of all those internal monologues just got too loud? DISCUSS.