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Is Jay Z REALLY Relaunching The Roc Dynasty? Freeway Speaks

Is 'The Dynasty' going to 'Change The Game' again?

When Jay Z was planning his back-to-back "B-Sides" shows, the Tidal boss made an important call. Freeway, who's worked extensively with Hov throughout his career, answered that call gladly.

"He was like, 'I would love for you come perform with me at the Tidal 'B-Sides' event,'" Freeweezy told BET today (May 18). "There was no way I missing that for the world. I’ve been on 10 ever since I got that call."

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"B-Sides" helped Jay reconnect with Free, but it also provided a platform for another reunion, one that many thought would be unlikely. Beanie Sigel, once a close Jigga associate, had a falling out with Hov years ago, but their reunion was also a positive sign for Sigel for another reason. The MC's had a tough year, losing a lung after being wounded in a December shooting.

"God really favored him," Free said of his State Property brother Beans. "He’s been through a lot, he pulled through a lot. For him to still be here and to do some positive things, it’s just a great thing. I’m so happy for him. He actually has a big show in Philadelphia coming up on the sixth of June at the TLA. We’re all gonna be there with him. It’s gonna be crazy. The whole State Property is gonna be there."

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Freeway added that the semi Roc reunion -- which also included Young Chris, Neef Buck, and Memphis Bleek -- "felt like a million bucks." "It almost brought a tear to my eye," he added. "That was the foundation that I built my career on. It was a great feeling."

While many are waiting to see what else, if anything, will come from this, Freeway is keeping hope alive. "Hopefully we get some more in, and hopefully this is the relaunch of a Dynasty," he said. "Hopefully. [laughs] I’m pushin’ for it!"

So are we, Free.

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Jay, Free and Beans joined forces along with the rest of Roc La Familia and created some memorable hip-hop moments. Here are just some of the best examples of their greatness together.

Now, would it be too much to ask for that full-fledged Roc-A-Fella reunion tour again?