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Happy Birthday Sam Smith: Here's A GIF Tribute To 'Latch' Onto

The British babe turns 23.

Today (May 19) is Sam Smith's birthday, and we want to celebrate the "Stay With Me" super-singer's 23rd year of awesomeness in a special way.

We've dug through the masses of fantastic Sam Smith-isms -- yeah, really tough work, wink -- and honed in on the GIFs that perfectly explain why we are positively obsessed with SS on every level.

You'll want to "Latch" on for this one, we promise.

  1. First of all, this British breakthrough might be a soul singer with seriousness seeping from every song, but IRL he's just as happy-go-lucky as the next guy.

    Observe his motion selfie game in action. Sweet.

  2. But he also knows when to say when.

    Sass meets class. It's a winning combination.

  3. Plus, he knows how smile and soak it all in.

    If eyes really are a window to someone's soul, then Sam Smith Soul, we are LOST IN YOU. (And you are glorious.)

  4. Also, he totally loves the ladies -- and for all the right reasons, too.

    Sam Smith has mad respect for the fairer sex, and he's not afraid to own up to it. In fact, he dubs himself "a complete feminist" which is completely awesome.

  5. Four Grammys in the bag, though, and he still gets a little bashful talking about himself.

    Is that blush we see there, Sammy? Seriously too cute for his own good, this one.

  6. But that doesn't mean he won't seize the opportunity to throw shade at the heartbreaker who inspired all his lyrical longing.

    Upon accepting his Grammy for Record of the Year for his tear-jerking piano ballad "Stay With Me," Smith seized his big chance at-the-mic moment (well, he had four that night to be fair) to let the world know that yes, he had some real-life hurt feelings to thank for his world-renowned number, and yes, he came out on top of that little split.

  7. Not to mention, he was able to pull off the most perfect "Love, Actually" throwback ever at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.

    Smith, who is currently recovering from vocal cord surgery, had to video-dial in his acceptance speech at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. But, like pretty much everything else he does, his cameo was perfect. Not only did he wax nostalgic with a little "Love, Actually" tribute maneuver, but he also threw a surprise shoutout in for his bestie Taylor Swift because awwwww.

    Sam Smith, to us, YOU are perfect. Happy Birthday!