Jason Derulo's Next Record Has Some Tracks For The Bedroom

We seriously cannot wait.

Fans got a major taste of Jason Derulo's upcoming record, Everything Is 4, when the musician teased some tracks live in Times Square at Applebee's Taste The Change Fest last week. Now, he's giving us just a little more ahead of its June 2 release date.

"Four is a number that follows us around, representing a strong foundation," Derulo told MTV News' Christina Garibaldi when she asked why he titled his fourth album as such. "I've got a lot of people on this. I got J. Lo on the album -- Stevie Wonder," he added. That's not to mention Meghan Trainor, K. Michelle and Keith Urban.

Derulo has given us some samples when it comes to his next record's sound -- the video for “Want To Want Me” premiered on Tinder -- but he told Christina a bit more about what to expect.

"There is a portion of the album that has that '80s vibe, but there are some slower records that are for the bedroom," he said. "There's a lot of different faces." I'm intrigued.

Check out our interview above and start marking down the days 'til June!