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Here's Why It Was Kanye's Fault And Not Your TV's That You Couldn't Hear His Billboard Performance

More than a minute of the performance was bleeped.

Sunday night's Kanye West show-closing performance at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards looked and sounded awesome... if you were in the MGM Grand. If you were at home, however, what you got was more than a minute of censored dead-air and nearly four minutes of 'Ye hiding inside a huge cloud of smoke and fireworks. In other words: not great TV.

While it was obvious to anyone tuning in, Billboard confirmed on Monday morning (May 18) that the performance was "heavily censored" (and that he was booed both before and after the set).

According to TMZ, 'Ye surprised the award show's producers by performing "All Day" with copious n-words and profanity, forcing the network to bleep long stretches of the song. The portion of the song he performed has more than a dozen instances of the n-word. An unnamed producer reportedly told the site that West did not do a dress rehearsal and that they just expected that he would perform a clean version. "He knew it was national TV," a source said. A spokesperson for West could not be reached at press time.

Producers should have known that it was possible 'Ye wouldn't hold his tongue (completely), since he did basically the same thing in February at the Brit Awards, where the debut performance of the song expected to appear on his upcoming album, SWISH, was marred for viewers at home due to at least 14 uses of the n-word and other banned language.

Kinda reminded us of the time in 2010 when CBS bleeped big chunks of Drake's performance of "Forever" with Lil Wayne and Eminem at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards