'Game Of Thrones' Fans Are 'Done,' But What Was Your Pop Culture Breaking Point?

You're a fan... Up until a point.


Last night's (May 17) "Game of Thrones" was hard to watch. It wasn't the quality of the acting, directing or writing that was at fault -- as usual, they were all top notch -- but the last scene that prompted many, many fans to take to social media and say, "I'm done."

Whether they're actually done or not is another question... Honestly, we'd be surprised if next week's episode doesn't have more viewers, given how high interest will be after Sansa Stark's (Sophie Turner) controversial storyline, and last scene in particular.

But whether they truly leave or not, there comes a time in many fandoms when, no matter how much in love with the show/movie/comic/whatever you are, it's time to put it aside and say goodbye.

Let us know what your pop culture breaking point was in the comments below, after a few stories from the MTV staff.


Image Comics

"I've been a big fan of 'The Walking Dead' -- both the comics, and the show -- for years. And though fan reaction has been mixed on TV, the comic version of Carl Grimes is pretty much the best. So when the end of issue #83 hit, with a shocking, out of nowhere ending that found Carl accidentally shot through the face with a hole so big you could see through it, I was done.

I kept reading the comic, but did so knowing that either choice -- Carl miraculously lives, which seemed impossible; or Carl dies, and with it the future of the series -- would take the heart of the book and leave it on the floor." -- Alex Zalben

The WB

"After Rory stole a yacht and went to jail on 'Gilmore Girls,' everything went kind of off the rails for me. I always related to Rory — with the reading and being alt and whatnot — and I wasn't into her rich girl persona." -- Brenna Ehrlich

The CW

"I was a long-suffering fan of 'Supernatural' for a few years, probably more driven by the energy of the fandom than the canon though (whoops.) While I’ve threatened being done with it many, many times, it wasn’t until they fridged Felicia Day's Charlie Bradbury in 10.22 'The Prisoner' that I really gave up.

It’s bad enough to kill a beloved character that the fandom considers a solid representation of themselves — and one of the few recurring women on the damn show — but to do it in such a lame, out-of-character way just to inspire man-pain and further the arc of one of the male characters? It’s just too gross and lame. It’s a total disservice to the story and the fandom, so I had to hit the eject button permanently." -- Katie Speller


"Definitely the Nikki and Paulo episode of 'LOST' -- that last scene where she blinked as they were burying her alive, I think I actually yelled 'Oh COME ON' at the screen and didn't watch it again until like Season 5." -- Kat Rosenfield


"I was back and forth on 'The Walking Dead' for a while, but I walked away for good after the Season 4 finale when Carl and Michonne were basically threatened with rape just so Rick would finally stand up and fight back -- and then no one really talked about it for the rest of the episode except in relation to how Rick was feeling about it." -- Victoria McNally


"When they killed Tara in the penultimate season of 'Sons of Anarchy,' I was done. The show was always violent, but her death just seemed unnecessarily torture porn-esque and cruel, especially since she was the only character with any sizable bit of good left in her by the time they killed her." -- Shaunna Murphy


"When I was younger I was super invested in 'American Idol' (went to all of the 'American Idols Live!' tours in the summer, had trading cards, my family and I watched and voted for our favs every week.) My mom and I LOVED Chris Daughtry, he was def the best contestant from Season 5 (2006). When he got voted off we completely stopped watching and boycotted the following seasons of 'American Idol' because we were so angry about it. We really thought Chris Daughtry should’ve won and we were just over it. Taylor Hicks ended up winning that season…" -- Jess Norton


"In the 'Grey’s Anatomy' episode 'Dream a Little Dream of Me (Part 1)' when Christina gets stabbed by an icicle... It was a little much. After that episode I was done with the series. An icicle?!" -- Heidi Heurta

What do you think? What's your pop culture breaking point? And do you disagree or agree with fans saying they're "done" after last night's "Game of Thrones?"