'Mad Men' Fans Would Like To Buy The World A Coke After That Series Finale

Having a Coke and a smile through the tears.

After seven seasons of 1960s drama, "Mad Men" tied things up last night (May 17) with a series finale that gave fans pretty much everything they wanted -- and a few things they didn't dare to dream of.

A final montage showed the main "Mad Men" characters finishing off their first year in a strange, new decade. Joan Harris had chosen career over marriage, jettisoning her controlling boyfriend to become the sole proprietor of a successful video production business. Roger Sterling finally found true love (and a taste for Parisian lobster) with Marie Calvet. Pete Campbell got his happy ending in Wichita with Trudy. Peggy Olsen and Stan Rizzo finally realized they were perfect for each other.

And Don Draper, in keeping with the show's "Wherever you go, there you are" theme, suffered through the worst of his identity crises yet -- and, it is strongly suggested, emerged on the other side to create a very particular, very famous ad campaign for Coca-Cola.

The cast was understandably emotional at the conclusion of their time together, expressing their gratitude and sharing their memories in a farewell panel chat with Variety. And the fans? They've been singing -- or tweeting, at least -- in perfect harmony. Here's a snapshot of some of the reactions to the end of "Mad Men."

  • Going into the finale, expectations were clearly high.
  • Some people had highly specific definitions of what a "satisfactory" ending would look like.
  • Others just knew what they didn't want to see.
  • But as soon as people saw the opening scene, they knew it was all gonna be okay.
  • And it was. Better than okay, in fact; it was awesome.
  • Some fans were already begging for a spinoff.
  • And a few prescient critics were totally vindicated last night when it turned out they'd accurately predicted that ending.
  • Although even they couldn't have predicted this awesome true-to-life easter egg.
  • Of course, a few holdouts will cling forever to that old, favorite theory about who Don really was.
  • But far more are celebrating the end of the series with a certain sugary beverage.
  • And everyone is toasting the happiest happy couple to come out of the "Mad Men" universe.
  • ...Well, almost everyone.

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