This Is What Happens When Mom And Dad Get A Little Too Blunt

MTV's 'True Life' follows two parents who are more than familiar with marijuana.

With marijuana being legalized in several states across the nation, smoking weed may no longer be a recreational activity solely associated with teens and college kids. Turns out, some moms and dads are lighting up too.

On this week's "True Life: My Parents Love Their Weed," viewers will visit the homes of two parents who are positively pro-pot. And while the high life seems just fine for them, their grown (and non-smoking) children are desperately trying to understand -- and reform -- their folks.

"Can you go a week with no weed?" one girl asks her father -- a vocal marijuana activist in Colorado -- in the sneak peek below.

"Well, I would say I could, but I wouldn't do it," he replies.

Will these kids be able to stop Mom and Dad from taking a hit? Or will they fully accept their parents' lifestyles? Find out on "True Life," premiering Monday at 11/10c!