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Matthew McConaughey Maybe Wants To Be A Superhero: 'I've Talked' With Marvel And DC

Your move, Hollywood.

Matthew McConaughey has successfully made the transition from a rom-com regular to an Oscar-winning actor, and now he's got his sights set on his next cinematic conquest: suiting up as a superhero ... or maybe even a villain (wink wink, nudge nudge)?

Apparently, Matty McC would totally be "open" to starring in a superhero actioner -- because duh -- but he's also recently passed on a few options that shall not be named, because they weren't a true match for The McConnaissance.

"I've read some Marvel and DC scripts and I've talked about working with them on some scripts, none of which I'll share with with you what they are — or were," he told Variety on Saturday (May 16). "Yeah, I've circled some of those. Nothing has been right for me yet. But I'm sure open to it."

Assuming there is a property out there that would be alright, alright, alright with M2's suddenly choosy project palate, we think he'd be an excellent addition to the world of worldsavers, and here's why:

We already know he's got the physical transformation game on lock.

Matt was mayor of Muscle City in "Magic Mike," but for "Dallas Buyers Club," the pic that earned him that shiny golden statue, he (in his own words) "lost a lot of power and strength."

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So, whatever look is required for the part -- whether gaunt or straight diesel -- he can do it. We know this.

He can DO crazy.

"True Detective" brought out the most whacked-out version of McConaughey the entertainment world has ever known, and everyone was legit blown away by his existential weirdo moxie. And this could totally come in handy if, say, he were to approach a baddie role in one of these series (one more wink-nudge for good measure).

But he can also do heroic.

If there's anything that has remained absolute over the course of Matty's career, it is that the man is one smooth-talking son of a gun, and anybody with a pulse loves him. Did you see "Interstellar"? Maybe it'd be more fun to root for McConaughey on the big screen than against him. And superdudes usually have a way with the ladies. So, that'd work out pretty well for him, we suspect.

What do you think -- is it pretty much only a matter of time until we see McC in a cape? And which cape should it be?