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What's The One Shoe Trend Lauren Conrad Just Can't Wear?

And 6 more things we learned from hanging out with her.

If there's one thing we love about Lauren Conrad, it's that she constantly creating clothes for us to wear on the regular. Whether she's designing bridesmaids dresses for her Paper Crown line or collaborating with Disney on a Cinderella-themed collection, LC is always serving up some seriously stylish goods.

Most recently, she teamed up with Kohl's to create pieces inspired by Minnie Mouse, and to celebrate, she decided to throw an ice cream social in Beverly Hills. So, we went (duh), and she was awesome enough to chat with us about it–let's just say we covered a lot of ground in just under 10 minutes. Check out the highlights below!

  1. Lauren got a "lesson in Minnie" before she started designing her latest Disney collection.

    "When we started talking with Disney, we knew we had to do a Minnie Mouse collection, and we wanted to do sort of an Americana Minnie with the red and white polka dots," she said. To gather inspiration, she headed to the offices to get a rundown on the history of the famous mouse. "You get to see Minnie throughout the years and how she changes, so it's kind of cool to see how she developed over the years, and how world events shaped that. It was really fun to work her into prints and textures, and it was cool because we had a lot to go off of. Cinderella was very whimsy, and this one is more fun and summery."

  2. She's doing two (!!!) more Disney collaborations with Kohl's.

    "I'm doing two more [Disney collaborations]! I know the next one, but I'm not allowed to announce it yet. We actually haven't decided on the fourth. We definitely were looking at ones that weren't so obvious, like Robin Hood. I love Robin Hood, but you also have to look at what they wear so there's enough inspiration there."

  3. LC's designing an all-white bridal collection with Nordstrom.
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    "We're growing our [Paper Crown] bridesmaids collection, which is really cool. We're doing an upcoming collection with Nordstrom that's all white pieces, so everything bridal. When you get engaged, you have an engagement party, bridal showers, the rehearsal dinner, so you need white pieces, and we all went through the struggle of trying to find them, so we're going to do a bunch of pieces for that."

  4. ...But she's definitely over the whole wedding planning thing.

    "I feel like I learned a lot going through [the wedding], and I really loved getting advice from people going so it's been helpful." But does she miss it? "No, the whole process was really fun, and I enjoyed it, but I'm not planning on doing another one." [laughs]

  5. She has no regrets on her Laguna Beach outfits–except one pair of pants.
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    "You have to remember that a lot of things you wear now are going to be kind of embarrassing in 10 years. I think I just try to remember that–at the time it was a good idea. On Twitter, I keep seeing this thing that's like, 'The Most Embarrassing Looks From The Hills and Laguna Beach,' and I'm like, 'Please stop doing that. It's such a bummer.' Because it's me in those jeans that came right above the knee–the capri denim. Everybody else was wearing them, but it's always a reminder they were a bummer.

  6. Her hairstylist/BFF, Kristin Ess, actually appeared on The Hills.

    "We've been working together for almost a decade now." Lauren says they met while she was filming at the Warren-Tricomi salon and Kristin worked there. "She actually filmed a couple times on The Hills–it's really funny. She's in the background."

  7. She can't get down with the Birkenstock trend. (See: Alexa Chung, below.)
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    "I can't do it. I don't feel pretty enough. I feel like I can't put something on that doesn't make me happy, and if I put on a Birkenstock, nothing about it makes me happy, and I can't do it just because everyone else is. And listen, some people wear them, and they look cool in them, I just look like a fool. I tried them on and I was just like, 'Nope.' I'm sure they're really comfortable."