Black Widow Could Murder You With Her New 'Civil War' Haircut

We're hair for it.

Earlier today (May 15) we brought you the news that "Captain America: Civil War" villain Crossbones (Frank Grillo) had shown up on the Atlanta, Georgia set in costume for the first time. But even bigger news was waiting in the wings -- literally: Scarlett Johansson is also on set as Black Widow, and her new haircut is awesome.

A little bit of background:

  • When Natasha Romanov was first introed in "Iron Man 2," she looked like this:

    Long, curly tresses down past her shoulders.

  • The next time though, Black Widow didn't look like that anymore.

    "Avengers" established a pattern, that not only would Widow change her costume and weapons, but also her hairstyle. Which makes sense, right? She was trained to be a chameleon-like spy, so why wouldn't she be constantly switching up her appearance?

  • By "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," she had added a few inches.

    And bought a flat-iron, maybe.

  • ...But chopped it all off for "Avengers: Age Of Ultron."

    What about bob?

  • Oh, and then there was that time she wore a wig, but we're not sure that's canon.

    Okay, it's definitely not canon.

  • And now for "Civil War," she's back to a variation on her "Winter Soldier" style...
    Splash News

    But way browner, with some '70s style waves, and we are there for it.

  • Even riding a motorcycle and all smudged she looks awesome.
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    Because, you know, she just killed someone. With her hair.

  • Toss that 'do, Scarlett.
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    It's like she just stepped out of a salon where she murdered a whole metric ton of dudes. You can keep your villains, and same-old, same-old Steve Rogers look: Black Widow is the main draw of this movie, and she looks rad.