Adam Lambert Bears His Aching Heart In New 'Underground' Track

Adam goes deep.

Adam Lambert puts his heart on the line in his latest song, “Underground,” from his upcoming album, The Original High.

The Max Martin and Shellback-produced track is a poignant ode to the love the “Ghost Town” singer can’t live without.

“When you go, when you go, it’s like I put my life on the line, so what?/When you go, when you go, I’m trippin’ but I’m pretending I’m fine, so don’t,” he sings.

With a beat that pulsates and builds over a moody piano, Lambert shows his sonic dexterity while pining for love to return to him.

“I’m hooked, I can’t cut you off, In my blood, I’m gonna say it now/I want you, I need you, I want you to take me underground,” he sings on the chorus.

The Original High, which features 11 songs and three bonus tracks, is set for release on June 16.