Every 'Pitch Perfect' A Capella Performance -- Ranked

Warning: Slight spoilers for "Pitch Perfect 2."

The big day is finally here and our main pitches are back to serenade us in "Pitch Perfect 2." But how does the sequel, which takes on the world championships, stack up against the performances in the originals? We ranked all of the main group performances (that means the Bellas, the Treblemakers and newcomers Das Sound Machine, for the record) from both movies. Check it out, and see if you agree.

  1. "Let It Whip," The Treblemakers

    Eh, pass. A little sidewalk performance during freshman orientation can't really compare to the whole shebang.

  2. "Jump," Das Sound Machine


  3. "Problem" medley, Barden Bellas

    OK, give the original "Problem" a listen. It's your new jam. You're welcome. But we get it, this one's intentionally a little lower-q than the Bellas' typical offerings. Still, I wish they could have given it a more (metaphorically) explosive treatment.

  4. “The Sign/Eternal Flame/Turn the Beat Around,” The Bellas

    Major, major points for Fat Amy's (Rebel Wilson) unexpected -- shall we call it a costume change? Sure! That's a great way to turn the beat around. But remember, this is pre-Bellas transformation. Bellas v 1.0.

  5. "Uprising," Das Sound Machine

    It's a little scary and a lot cool, but this performance from villains DSM loses points with us for focusing more on the lighting than the performance. But still, something makes us unable to look away.

  6. "Lollipop," The Treblemakers

    It's a sound performance, but there's no doubt the Trebles have fallen from grace. It's just not the same!

  7. "Wrecking Ball," Barden Bellas

    Yes, we are so into it. Points off for being left unfinished after Rebel Wilson's -- well, you know -- came in like a wrecking ball and cut that bad boy short.

  8. “Blame It On the Boogie,” The Footnotes

    You can't deny, those are some puh-retty sweet moves. Even if they are dirty, high school-using cheaters.

  9. Riff-Off v 1.0

    Our qualms about how a cappella is produced (you can't just make it up on the spot like that) aside, there's no denying that this is a magnetic performance. Anna Kendrick rapping? There's nothing better.

  10. “Please Don’t Stop the Music,” The Treblemakers

    No, please don't stop it. Because the singing is great, I like the dancing, and I'm suddenly kind of into velour blazers? I can't explain it, but I can watch this like a thousand times in a row, cool?

  11. "My Songs Know What You Do In The Dark" medley, Das Sound Machine

    Sure, they're the bad guys. Fine. But extra points are totally awarded for using Fall Out Boy and FOB-worthy pyrotechnics.

  12. “Price Tag/Don’t You Forget About Me,” The Bellas

    I like it best when she does the "Breakfast Club" fist-pump, I won't lie.

  13. “Bright Lights Bigger City/Magic,” The Treblemakers

    Like I said, don't mess with those velvet blazers. This is my jam. Sylar Astin brings new life to the whole "dancing while flipping a mic stand around like a madman" genre.

  14. Riff-Off v 2.0

    OK, yes, I can totally dig it. In "Pitch Perfect 2," the Bellas and the Trebles are back for another riff-off, but this time, it's gone international. Prepare for the Green Bay Packers' amazing cameo (they do a whole lot more than just tackle one song), Anna Kendrick slaying "Before He Cheats" and much, much more. It's bonkers, and I love it.

  15. "Who Run The World" medley, the Bellas

    Get thee to the "Pitch Perfect 2" finale, because guess what? IT'S MAJESTIC.

"Pitch Perfect 2" is in theaters now.