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Anna Kendrick Is Too Lazy To Buy Fake Vomit For Twitter Trolls

Let's just not buy the vomit, and say we did.

True story: The cast of "Pitch Perfect 2" really wanted to come away from the making of their movie with a few good pranks under their belts, if only to have something fun and funny to talk about in interviews.

But they didn't. Because as Anna Kendrick explained, that would have required, like, putting on pants and leaving the house and stuff.

Anna was on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" Thursday (May 14) to promote her aca-awesome new movie, where she confessed that at one point, the pressure to have at least one good behind-the-scenes anecdote to share nearly led the "Pitch Perfect 2" cast to play a practical joke on some young schmuck who'd been trolling them all on Twitter.


Alas, when it came time to procure the necessary elements -- namely, a puddle of fake vomit -- they all decided the whole thing was just too much effort, and called it off.

Watch the video of Anna's appearance below.