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The 13 Most Important Revelations From One Direction’s ‘Late Late Show’ Appearance

The boys discussed Zayn, wingmen, and new music in their first major TV interview as a foursome.

It’s the interview the world had been waiting for: One Direction’s first TV appearance as a foursome after Zayn Malik left the band in March. All over the world, Directioners stayed up way past their bedtimes to catch Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson on “The Late Late Show,” eager to find out if they’d discuss hot topics like their new music and Zayn’s departure (spoiler alert: yes to both!).

MTV News was at the show’s taping in Los Angeles on Thursday (May 14) to catch the boys in person and give you all the juicy deets you need to know. Here are the most important things we learned from the boys’ revealing interview with James Corden:

  1. Louis regrets starting that silly Twitter feud with Zayn.

    Corden didn’t dance around this topic at all — he got to the juicy questions right away. Louis did admit “there was a bit of back and forth” and said he’s “never been very good at biting [his] tongue.” But he also seemed genuinely apologetic about it and assured us, “It’s all resolved now. All good in the hood.” Speaking of Zayn, Liam also admitted they initially felt a little angry and hurt when Zayn told them about his decision to leave the band. However, he also pointed out that they had seen the signs coming for a while, and they “wish him the best.”


    If you’re not a diehard Directioner, this probably means nothing to you but trust us… THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. “No Control” is a fan favorite track from the boys’ 2014 album Four, and we’ve been campaigning for its rightful place on their tour setlist ever since. Louis revealed tonight that fans have actually taken it upon themselves to make “No Control” the boys’ next single by infiltrating radio stations and requesting it non-stop. While they didn’t say outright if the song will appear on the setlist for their next string of tour dates, it was definitely implied. And speaking of big touring decisions...

  3. “One Thing” is off their setlist!

    Not going to lie, this news was definitely shocking. Sure, “One Thing” is an old single, but it’s also one of their best. The guys said the setlist decisions aren’t completely finalized, but it sounds like “One Thing” has gotten the boot. It’s a tough loss, but if that means being able to hear “No Control” instead, then Directioners will surely get on board.

  4. They gave an optimistic status update about their next album.

    The On The Road Again Tour picks back up in Europe next month. In the meantime, 1D said they’ve been hard at work on album number five, and Louis revealed it’ll likely be released sometime this fall. Corden also made us extremely jealous by saying he got to hear a little bit of their new music — no fair!

  5. Remember those pics from the boys’ tourist outing in Brazil? They got there in a bread van.

    After Corden asked them if they’re ever able to sightsee around the cities they tour in, Harry shared an amusing anecdote about the time they visited the Christ The Redeemer Statue in Brazil last year. Turns out, they rode there in a van used to transport bread, and it was really warm inside. By the time they got to the statue, they were gloriously hot and sweaty because they’d been cooped up in the pseudo-oven all the way there.

  6. Louis admitted to being a party animal.

    Corden totally called the 23-year-old wild child out on this one. After bringing up the fact that Louis has recently been photographed doing a lot of partying, Tommo unashamedly owned up to it, explaining he simply wants to have fun with his friends. Oh, and for the record, he also named Liam as his go-to wingman.

  7. But Liam and Louis aren’t just wingmen... they’re also partners-in-crime.

    Liam revealed their naughty pre-show ritual of sneaking into venues. “We get chased by security guards and it’s really good fun,” Liam dished. “One time we were on this [Zamboni] and we were trying to find reverse, we hit the wrong button and just flooded this whole room.” Boys will be boys.

  8. Niall’s caddying disaster has become an inside joke.

    Remember when Niall caddied for Rory McIlroy at the Par 3 tournament last month? A funny clip of him slipping and falling went viral, and the boys joked about it on the show, admitting it’s become an inside joke to mimic the woman in the clip who exclaims, “Oh no, Niall!”

  9. Harry recently did a juice cleanse.

    No, no, it has nothing to do with weight loss or anything like that. Harry revealed he recently did a cleanse because they’d been traveling a lot lately and he felt like he needed a little refresher. “It was when we got off tour, cause we’d been flying so much, I felt a little gross,” he said.

  10. The boys are not very good at dodgeball.

    They filmed an uproarious pre-taped segment earlier this week in which they teamed up with Corden for a super intense dodgeball match. Naming themselves “Corden’s Angels,” they sang a hilariously bad version of “Steal My Girl” as their “national anthem,” sported some deliciously skimpy team uniforms (we even get a closer look at Harry’s thigh tattoo!), and gave us tons of quotable and GIF-worthy moments.

  11. They’re as grateful to their fans as ever before.

    Asked if they ever considered breaking up after Zayn left, Niall insisted it had never even been an option. “Not at all," he said. "The four of us love every part of it. The songs have been great and the fans deserve it. They’ve been absolutely fantastic to us.” The guys were also super gracious to all the fans in the audience — on their way out, they stopped to hug and shake hands with several lucky people.

  12. They were totally smitten by Corden’s band.

    In case tonight’s episode is the first you’ve seen of “The Late Late Show,” you should know that Corden’s house band is one of the funkiest on TV, thanks in large part to its eccentric, charismatic leader, Reggie Watts. During commercial breaks, the boys couldn’t help but laugh and bop along to the band.

  13. And perhaps the most important takeaway: The future of 1D looks gloriously bright.

    One thing (sorry… too soon to mention “One Thing?”) that was particularly noticeable about this interview was how the boys interacted with one another. They seemed especially chummy — laughing about inside jokes, calling one another by their nicknames (Tommo and Payno, for instance), and just generally having a good time and keeping things fun. This isn’t to say they’ve never acted friendly with one another before, but you can tell they seemed genuinely happy and goofy. After so much heartbreak and uncertainty during the past couple months, this is something Directioners really needed to see in their first TV interview as a foursome.