'Vampire Diaries' Stars Share Their Favorite Nina Dobrev Moments With Us

Tonight, the Mystic Falls gang says goodbye to one of their own.

Nina Dobrev is taking her final bow on "The Vampire Diaries" in tonight's (May 14) emotional season finale ("I'm Thinking of You All the While"), and we're still having a hard time coming to terms with Elena Gilbert permanently saying goodbye to Mystic Falls.

In honor of Elena's farewell -- seriously, will this emotionally wreck Damon?! -- Dobrev's co-stars, of past and present, shared their favorite moments of the show's plucky protagonist with MTV News at today's CW Upfront.

Candice Accola has starred alongside Dobrev since the beginning. As Elena's best friend and Katherine's former sire, Caroline Forbes has had many memorable scenes with the Petrova doppelgangers over the years. And while Accola said "definitely enjoyed a lot of the Caroline and Katherine moments," there's a scene in tonight's finale that will have fans feeling very nostalgic for the halcyon days of season one.

"I really love, in the finale tonight, they're final moment together," Accola said. "I think the fans and the viewers of the series are really going to appreciate it. It's a little wink back to season one. It's very sentimental, but we're also going to get a little tease of season seven, so you can kind of get an idea of where the writers are going to go for next year."

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Daniel Gillies, who guest starred as Original vampire Elijah Mikaelson in seasons two and three, also shared integral screen time with Dobrev over the seasons. Elena and Elijah shared a unique connection, one that was amplified by Elijah's love for Katherine.

"There was one little scene that we cut out of season three between Elena and Elijah," said Gillies. "Elijah looks distracted for just a second at the end [of the scene], and we're in the Salvatore house, and she says, 'What is it?' And he says, 'Oh, it's nothing,' and she says, 'No, you seem lost.' And he says, 'You remind me of what I liked about being human' or something like that -- I'm paraphrasing horribly -- but it was a pretty little moment."

Given the show's seasons-long tradition of delivering heartbreakingly epic finales, we're definitely going to need a lot of tissues to get through Dobrev's final hour.