17 Times Sansa Stark's Love Life Made Dying Alone With A Cat Look Good

The romantic mishaps of the eldest Stark daughter make us glad we're single.

More often than not, "Game of Thrones" is one show that'll make you glad for your single status -- seeing as Westeros is a place where the incestual Lannister twins are actually one of the least dysfunctional surviving romantic pairings.

But of all the characters who make forever alone-ness look pretty good, nobody does it better than Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner). Out of everyone in the seven kingdoms, poor Sansa is the one person who's love life has consistently, perpetually sucked. Below, we round up all the times that the eldest Stark daughter's dating mishaps made our worst Tinder matches look like Prince Charming.

  1. It started right away in Season 1, when Sansa was That Girl who just could not acknowledge that her crush was an obvious sociopath.
  2. Like this, for instance: Just ordinary teenage flirting, right? Totally normal! No ominous foreshadowing here!
  3. And c'mon, of course it's not weird for your boyfriend's mother to be this interested in your menstrual cycle. Definitely nothing sinister going on. Nope.
  4. Eventually, the fantasy had to shatter. But while it's never fun to find out that your boyfriend is actually the worst, Sansa got the memo in a particularly terrible way.
  5. Below: That awkward moment where you realize that your bratty little sister was totally right about everything.
  6. You know you've hit rock bottom when your best shot at happiness is to become a beard for the gayest knight in Westeros.
  7. And when losing out on that chance is genuinely devastating.
  8. From there, things only got worse for poor Sansa, as she was forced into matrimony with an alcoholic man-whore who's half her size.
  9. The best thing that can be said about Sansa's relationship with Tyrion is that he at least isn't actively mean to her.
  10. But that brief moment of peace doesn't last long, either, since Sansa gets played as a pawn yet again in Petyr Baelish's plot to assassinate Joffrey.
  11. And even though she's out of King's Landing, she's still stuck fending off the advances of her creepy, smarmy savior.
  12. And getting blamed for it by her loony aunt.
  13. And being traded into a new, awful betrothal to yet another sadistic nutcase!
  14. Whose idea of an awesome engagement gift is to present her over dinner with the broken shell of the man who (supposedly) murdered her little brothers.
  15. (Although yes, okay, it could have been worse.)
  16. But after five seasons of this, there's not a chance in hell of this engagement turning out well for Sansa.
  17. Which is why we fully support Ms. Stark if she decides to swear off all human connection entirely, and live out the rest of her days at Winterfell, alone, with Ser Pounce.