This Rapper Gave Out His Phone Number And Got Over 350,000 Texts And A Huge Bill

The price of fame.

It's one thing for an artist try to connect with your fans through things like your music, social media, live meet and greets and performances. It's an entirely different approach to give them a personal phone number.

Still, with his deep commitment to his followers, Hopsin decided to do just that. And the results were absurd -- if not entirely unexpected.

But first, let's see how we got here.

Things started last week when Hop decided to give his fans his digits by posting a message on Facebook.

A few days later, he posted a quick video, along with his number (again), encouraging people to reach out. "I know I posted this online already and everybody thought I was faking, but the calls actually do go directly to my phone," he said. "I get everybody's text message. I'll be responding. You can text me, call me -- I'll be around."

He wasn't done, though. Later in the day on Monday, about 12 hours after his initial video, the Funk Volume rapper posted another. This one was much longer -- more than 11 minutes -- and in it he actually accepted calls from fans, hoping to prove to the doubters that the number was actually his. It lead to some pretty cool and funny interactions.

And then a couple days later, reality set in: An astronomical phone bill, for over $6,000, showing that he had received 365,859 texts.

Hopsin, not surprisingly, was not pleased.

"Man U gotta be f--kin kidding me!" he wrote in a post where he shared an photo of the charges. "Holy f--k, MY PHONE BILL IS 6 thousand f--kin dollars!! What the F--K was i thinking. Kill me now."

No one ever said being a famous rapper comes cheap.