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This G-Unit Rapper Is Releasing A Book — Here’s What You Can Expect

It will be revealing.

While Young Buck waits on the Taylor Swift collaboration he's hoping for, the G-Unit MC isn’t just sitting around.

Instead, Young Buck has other major plans for this year. Those plans include the release of Behind The Walls, a book featuring the rapper's behind-the-scenes stories.

And it sounds super interesting based on Buck’s interview with Complex today (May 13). Here are some details we learned about the book from the interview.

  1. Yes, The Book Will Include 50 Cent Stories

    "I’m definitely gonna give the reader an insight on how I reconcile my situation with 50. And, you know, how a lot of things played about that led up to the current situation."

  2. Some Of Them Won’t Be Pretty

    "You will hear about the reconciliation of me and 50’s situation as well as knowing about things before it that put us in a bad space and things that put us in a good space."

  3. Buck Isn't Holding Back
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    "When the reader opens this book up, they get a chance to go in-depth and see and breathe things that the average artist just wouldn’t share."

  4. The Book Might Even Read 'Like A Movie'

    "Different artists have different lives, but my life is almost like a movie in a sense because it’s almost damn near unbelievable to me."

  5. Buck Plans On Releasing 2 Books This Year

    "I’ve already started the process of going into my second book, so you’ll definitely get another book from me."

  6. Don't Worry - He Isn’t Quitting Music

    "I actually wanted to create a mixtape series. Come out for one single for each mixtape and do it in rapid fashion in 10 months. No wasting any time. I’m already ready for the next project, and it’s titled 'The Refill.' That’ll be the next mixtape, and that’ll be done with DJ Whoo Kid."