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Kobe Bryant Hurt This Rapper's Feelings, But Other MCs Still Love Him

Vince just doesn't 'f-ck with' things Kobe does.

Kobe Bryant is one of the NBA’s most beloved stars, but one rapper doesn’t see the Los Angeles Lakers great in the best light.

“It’s not that I don’t like him,” Vince Staples told Real 92.3 Tuesday. "I just don’t f-ck with certain things that Kobe does.”

Why not? Well, apparently, when Staples was in elementary school, the Long Beach MC’s mom spent “a gang of money” to enroll him in Bryant’s annual basketball camp. But the experience didn’t go as planned for Vince.

According to the MC, Kobe made a speech at the camp and he thought he would meet the NBA legend. “Then he just walked away,” Staples said. "We never seen him again. We was there for a week waiting for Kobe to pop back up.”

Staples, who dropped the video for his new "Señorita" single yesterday, felt even worse, he said, because he had Kobe Bryant sneakers on his feet. "I bought the ugly spaceship Adidas,” he said. "I cried for like two days for them shoes...He didn’t even shake no hands.”

But wait, that’s not the only reason Staples isn’t a big Kobe fan. “He pushed my DJ down in the tunnel after he lost against the Spurs in 1999,” Vince added.

So maybe Vince Staples, who's readying the release of his upcoming Summertime '06 album, isn’t a huge Kobe fan, but several other MCs rock with the 5-time NBA champ. Here’s a look at a few of Kobe’s rap star fans and friends.