'Finding Carter' Is Ready To Rock Your World A Dozen More Times

MTV's high-stakes drama has been renewed for 12 more action-packed episodes.

Rejoice, "Finding Carter" fans: There's a lot more drama to come.

MTV's popular series has been renewed for 12 more episodes, and our head is positively spinning as we think of all the twists and turns that might be in store. After all, we've already weathered a bundle of bombshell revelations this season alone (like, holy geez, Lori is Carter and Taylor's biological mother -- and HOLY GEEZ, David had an affair with Lori!).

So what's up next? Will David and Elizabeth call off that divorce? Are the Wilsons finally going to iron out their differences and become the picture of family unity? And, most importantly, will Taylor and Max reunite so that we can keep using the word Maxlor? Oh, and speaking of Max, the actor who plays him (aka the ever-hunky Alex Saxon) has a very special message for "FC" fans courtesy of the clip below:

But back to the show -- and all the questions we NEED to have answered. Does Crash stay in the army, or will he go AWOL and return to Carter's loving arms? Is Abby going to be sent to the big house for pulling a Mary Kay Letourneau with Gabe? And will Lori overpower the entire staff at the mental hospital with a gun carved from soap, escape through barbed wire and kidnap Carter for a third time? Okay, maybe we're overthinking this...

Tell us which questions YOU want answered in the upcoming episodes of "Finding Carter," and be sure to follow the action every Tuesday at 10/9c!