Jack And Jack Give Us A Preview Of Their Tour With Shawn Mendes

Get ready for a 'trio.'

What do you get when you combine Jack and Jack and Shawn Mendes? Millions and millions of screaming girls.

Well, get ready fans, because this is definitely becoming a reality! The Vine stars will be teaming up with the "Something Big" singer on "at least three different" tour dates in the next few months.

"We are just really excited. Well, one thing I know I'm really excited about, is because last time I ever sang with Shawn or really performed with Shawn, it was my first and last time, and that was at the very first Magcon, which was a meet and greet convention for our fans about a year and a half ago," Jack Galinsky told us recently. "And I'm just excited to go up on stage. Hopefully we'll have a little segment where we can all do something together as a trio up on stage."

The three have been friends with quite some time. They've sang Ariana Grande's "The Way" together...

Appeared in Shawn's "Life Of The Party" video...

And taken adorable Instagram pics together.

But with all their careers taking off, Shawn's number one debut album on the Billboard charts and Jack and Jack are releasing their new video for "Groove," it's been tough to find time in their busy schedules.

"We are just so excited to see him again, because we've both been so busy. We've been on the road, he's been on the road, and it's hard for our paths to cross, at least in the recent months," Jack Johnson said.

"He was just in LA... and he hit us up and was like, 'I have my one free day,' and of course, we were in the studio. But it's ok! We will see him again, he's a good friend," Jack G added.