Could An 'iCarly' Reunion Happen? Miranda Cosgrove Is Definitely Down

... As long as it's set in Seattle.

Miranda Cosgrove is currently preparing for the debut of her first fully adult role on television, but that doesn't mean that she's abandoning her roots. In fact, the star of NBC's fall sitcom "Crowded" told MTV News that an "iCarly" reunion is not only not out of the question, but it's something that would be pretty natural considering how close the cast has remained.

"That would be fun," Cosgrove said at the NBC Upfront presentation on Monday (May 11). "I mean, I love the cast of the show, I see them all the time. Jennette [McCurdy] is like, one of my best friends, and I see Jerry [Trainor] all the time, so I think that that would be really fun."

So does this mean we'll be seeing Carly, Sam, Spencer and the gang doing the show from Italy, where Carly moved during the show's 2012 finale? Not so fast -- if Cosgrove is going to do a "Full House"-style reunion, she wants to do it in the land of Starbucks and Richard Sherman.

"At the end of the show she moves to Italy, so I'd like to see her come back to Seattle and get back to the way things used to be," Cosgrove concluded.

Take it away, Netflix!