74 Times Nikki Reed's Instagram Proved Her Life Is The Best

The green monster is now strong with us. Yep.

If Nikki Reed's ridiculously perfect honeymoon pic proved anything -- apart from the fact that she and new hubby Ian Somerhalder currently exist in a rare state of perfect bliss, of course -- it's that the girl knows how to exercise our jealous bone, time and time again.

Over the years, Nik's Instagram feed has become our go-to source for secondhand happiness, and for good reason: the girl has got the life.

So, to celebrate the Nikkiness of Nikki's pictorial collection -- and her 27th birthday, today (May 17) -- we combed through the masses to pluck her most envy-making shots of all time.

All the times she reminded us her friends are famous.

Here with Kat Dennings.

Oh, that's just Nina Dobrev and Anna Kendrick. Who she's totally got on speed dial, BTW.

Heyyyyy Maggie Grace.

And yes, she's cool enough to do the nose-pick gag with Craig Ferguson. As one does.

And her "Pitch Perfect" pal Brittany Snow.

Her next to Jenna Dewan Tatum and there is literally too much pretty for us to handle.

Come on. You totally wish you had an AHHH selfie with Aaron Paul. B***h.

She's master of the photobooth game.

Go home everyone else ever.

AND she slays at #TBT.

And might we point out how she and her brother just get eachother.

Plus her Mom? Obviously just too stinkin' presh.

Also, there have been so many adorable fur babies to cross her path.

Like these puppies. STOP IT.

And this magnificent mare.

And Kat Denning's kitty who just snuggled right on up her with this picture purr-fect little kitty smirk.

Plus these sleeping beauties.

She fosters too, so she gets to snuggle with puppies all the time. Because her life is perfect, obvs.

And a bunny! A BUNNY.

There was also this baby chick named Gloria. We can't even.

And guess what? She's had horses since she was a kid because she's that cool, guys.

We'll leave it with that time she got to hang out with a whale. Because that's an experiential mic drop right there.

Oh, and she's the kind of girl whose incessant fangirly letter-writing to famous people gets results.

Just some flowers from Taylor, Isaac and Zac. NBD. [GRUNT.]

And a casual din din with the boys to discuss the possibilities because dreams come true (for her, that is).

And let's not forget that she designed all this awesome jewelry. Because NIKKI REED IS BETTER THAN US.

And the traveling. SO MUCH TRAVELING.

Oh, hello NOLA.

The perfect beach shot. Natch.

NYC. With that fabulous yellow scarf.

DC with the girls. No, we're not jealous. Not at all.

And when it comes to costuming it, she's always been the downest dudette.

And the doing of the important (read: glamorous) things.

And there was also the fact that her whirlwind romance with Ian Somerhalder literally unfolded before our eyes.

'Cause she totally publicized their doggy adoption.

And then they taught a class together.

And then there were the smooches. (Note that the caption was "This." Which was EVERYTHING.)

Then came the proud red carpet photos.

And spending time with the moms.

Then the gushy** adoration shots.

**Nikki wrote a sappy love letter with this one which read, "@iansomerhalder you blow me away. I am beyond inspired by the person you are, but mostly I am humbled by your work ethic and desire to always push for the best in yourself and others. With distinct style and an unwavering vision you directed something you should be truly proud of. Congratulations to you!!!!!!! All of your hard work paid off. Your talent has trickled into every facet of your life, and this is only the beginning..."

Then holidays with the family.

Then happy honeymooning.

Andddd last but not least, she's just too beautiful for her own good. And she proved this over and over and over again.

In summary: You're killing us, Nikki. Straight killing us. Mission accomplished.