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Charlize Theron Gives Advice To Her Younger Self: ‘Chill'

Don't we all, Charlize. Don't we all.

With reporting Chris Kim

Being a young person trying to find your place in the world is incredibly tough. These days, "Mad Mad: Fury Road" star Charlize Theron has her life pretty much figured out, but she remembers a time when she didn't -- and she'd loved to tell that version of herself to slow the heck down.

"I think in general, the conversation would just be about, like, 'chill,'" she said. "There's definitely a period in my twenties where I felt so rushed."

"It's nice to be at this age right now and just kind of go, 'It's okay!'" she added. "'You don't have to build Rome in a day. It's all right.'"

Pretty ironic that she spends most of "Fury Road" driving through the wastelands in a ridiculously fast car, but as long as she's feeling nice and relaxed while she's inside it, right?

"Mad Max: Fury Road" hits theaters on May 15.