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Emma Watson's Bad Girl Character From 'The Bling Ring' Delivers Babies Now

Alexis Neiers went from Hollywood burglar to all-around solid person.

Every pop-culture loving human who was alive and reading the Internet in 2010 is probably already familiar with Alexis Neiers. And even if her name doesn't ring a bell, Emma Watson's portrayal of Alexis -- whose named was changed to Nicki Moore in the 2013 movie "The Bling Ring" -- definitely brings to mind images of a party girl, snorting various substances in Hollywood mansions and robbing the likes of Orlando Bloom to pay for the habit.

So imagine our surprise when Neiers, who will go down in E! history for her emotional phone call to a Vanity Fair reporter, told ravishly.com that she was working as a freaking doula as of 2015.

"The way pregnant women are treated is a huge feminist issue that’s not talked about," Neiers, who has a two-year-old daughter, said. "Now I work with mommies to help them through the labor, delivery and pregnancy they desire to have... I like to call myself 'the balanced doula.' I’m not against epidurals. I’m not against hospital births. But I am pro-informed consent and having full knowledge of alternatives."

Now, if this doesn't sound like the woman that Watson portrayed in Sophia Coppola's movie, it's because Neiers claims that the film adaptation of her life was a Hollywood fantasy. Not only was she smoking up to 20 Oxycontin a day when her show "Pretty Wild" was on the air -- she's over four years sober now -- but she was also living in a hotel.

"The majority of the movie was false and bullsh-t," Neiers explained. "It didn’t touch on something that was a common thread with Nick, Tess and myself, which was severe drug addiction (being alcoholics and addicts). I’m not saying that it’s an excuse for bad behavior, but I’m saying it plays a part. The movie didn’t give an honest depiction of what our lives were really like. I wasn’t that glamorous. I was chasing around drug dealers, smoking heroin. I lived in the Best Western on Franklin and Vine, while pretending to live in this huge glamorous house."

However, don't think for a second that Neiers is upset with Watson -- in fact, the proud wife, mother, and co-founder of Ooh Belly Doula Services calls her "Bling Ring" wake-up call "the best thing that ever happened to me."

And in case you were doubting for a second that Neiers has grown into a pretty solid person, know that she also works with rape victims and pregnant drug addicts at her husband's Malibu treatment center, Acadia. The whole thing is pretty, you know, wild.