Maci's Thoughts Post-Farrah Fight: 'My Intentions Were Never To Hurt Her Feelings'

Bentley's mother wasn't able to clear the air with her fellow 'Teen Mom OG' cast member.

Maci and Farrah tried to settle their differences face-to-face during tonight's "Teen Mom OG" episode -- but the tense conversation between the two (during a press tour in New York City) seemingly went nowhere, and both young mothers left the impromptu chat frustrated. The cause of the major disagreement: F had just watched the unforgettable moment when M, who openly admitted that she did not want to appear opposite Sophia's mother on the MTV series, express her disappointment to executive producer Morgan when she learned that the Texas transplant was returning to the show -- and then firmly stated that she was done filming if Farrah was participating in the program.

While the soon-to-be mother of two declared post-fight that she could have had a more productive chat with her six-year-old son Bentley (and even compared F's tone to a "f**king chihuahua"), she stresses in the clip below that she did want to clear the air with Farrah.

"I wanted her to know that my intentions were never to hurt her feelings or for her to feel like I was judging her," the 23-year-old says in the "Teen Mom OG: Featured Moment." "I also wanted her to know that, you know her feelings of being hurt, being left out, are normal. I mean, I would have felt the exact same way."

But even though Maci attempted to voice her point of view, she explains that it was a challenge to sit opposite Farrah in that specific scenario.

"I feel like she just was very emotional and very upset, and things were still just a little too raw and new to kind of get that across to her," M adds.

So why did Maci have a difficult time sympathizing with Farrah during their sit-down? Hear her thoughts in the video, and be sure to share your opinions about the ladies' disagreement in the comments.