A 'Teen Wolf' Assassin Has His Sights Set On 'Carter'

Mason Dye didn't survive Beacon Hills, but he's found new life on MTV's high-stakes drama.

While playing a "Teen Wolf" assassin named Garrett, actor Mason Dye's extracurricular activities included plotting the demise of Scott McCall and Beacon Hills' most honorable supernatural creatures, but his next MTV venture will find him sticking a little bit closer to the straight and narrow.

On tomorrow night's "Finding Carter" episode, you'll meet Dye's new character, Damon, a born-and-bred academic who, like Taylor, has his sights set on the Ivy Leagues. He seems laser-focused on earning a seat somewhere inside Yale's hallowed halls, but if there's one thing that could knock him off course, it's his infatuation with firecracker Bird, who turns him into a nervous wreck every time she steps foot into his periphery.

In the sneak peek of the next episode, above, Bird finds Taylor and Damon sitting among the gym's bleachers, and when she asks Damon a simple question, he gets flustered and struggles to string together the simplest words.

"Did you see that? She looked right through me!" Damon laments to Taylor when his crush finally leaves the room. Let's hope his college dreams prove to be a little bit more fruitful than his love life...

Excited to catch Dye's new "Carter" role? Hear how pumped he is to take on Damon here, and be sure to tune in to the new episode tomorrow night at 10/9c!