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13 Jane The Virgin Moments That Made Us Hurt From Smiling So Much

We have so many feelings.

"Jane The Virgin" is the most charming show on TV, and frankly, if you're not watching it, we feel sorry for you. Do you not enjoy clever storytelling and beautifully crafted whimsy? Do you not enjoy happiness?

Tonight (May 11) marks the end of the CW show's exquisite freshman season, and while we're really effing sad about it, we haven't been this excited for an episode of television in quite some time. For starters, Jane gives birth and this awe-inspiring family moment happens:

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We. Can't. Handle. It. Look at the way Rafael is gazing into Jane's eyes. Look at the adorable little bb in Jane's arms! LOOK at that tiny baby's full head of hair! It's just too much for us to handle. We might literally burst.

This wouldn't be the first time "Jane The Virgin" caused us physical pain from being so darn perfect -- and we have the list to prove it.

  1. When Jane found out she was pregnant.
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    LOL, right? She's never even had sex.

  2. When Rogelio took his craft seriously.
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    You know he's serious about acting because he uses the word "craft."

  3. Every time Rafael kisses Jane.
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    Brb, swooning forever.

  4. When Michael shut Abuela's deportation DOWN.
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    And we were all #TeamMichael for a hot minute.

  5. When Abuela and Xo had a heart to heart.
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    And we found out why Abuela never moved on romantically after her husband's death. Don't even get us started on the moment Jane asked Xo and Abuela how to be a good mom... or we might start crying AGAIN.

  6. When Rogelio proved he was so on fleek with his hashtag lingo.
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    He has to be! He's got 6.3 million followers to update on the reg.

  7. When Rafael threw Jane a graduation party.

    It was totally lame in the best way possible.

  8. When Rogelio and Michael became bros.
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    Our favorite relationship on the show, TBH.

  9. When Jane told Rafael she wasn't leaving.
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    The whole thing was very emotional. Jane and Rafael are clearly meant to be.

  10. When Jane fist bumped her baby bump.

    How is it physically possible for one person to be so cute?

  11. When Jane shared a dance with Rafael.

    Sure, it may have taken place in her imagination, but the moment still stands -- and it was adorable.

  12. When Rogelio needed to stay relevant with a fedora.
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    Yes, Rogelio, that is what all (read: none) of the kids are wearing these days.

  13. When Jane proudly repped all of the single mothers out there.
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    When Jane finally broke down and voiced her concerns about facing her future as an unexpected single mother for the first time, our hearts broke for her. But after her inspiring talk with Abuela, we felt nothing but pride for the Villanueva women. These females are strong as hell.