Ashley Rickards Just Changed It Up With An All-New Look

But did the 'Awkward' actress really go on the chopping block?

Is Ashley Rickards your ideal bang-swoop inspiration? Well, you might have to go ahead and find a new muse.

The "Awkward" actress, whose character Jenna Hamilton has sported the signature 'do since Season 1, shared a pretty drastic hair transformation on Instagram this weekend, and it's so sharp, you might be compelled to rush out to your preferred stylist for a midday chop. WALK-INS WELCOME, WE HOPE!

"For the love of bob," Ashley captioned the photo above, in which she's suddenly a muse of mod. No word yet on whether this is a real change to her look or simply a temporary, shorter wig, but either way, we're kind of digging it. Better watch your back, Lauren Conrad -- this might just be the new bob benchmark. We'll call it The J-Town!

Whaddya think of Ashley's new she giving Anna Wintour a run for her money? Share your thoughts, and hang tight for the premiere of "Awkward" Season 5 on August 31 at 9/8c!